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What is a project?

A Pergola project is an organizational shell so that Pergola can manage your application. Each project must be deposited in a git repository and Pergola must know the link to the repository. Also, each project to be built needs a Pergola manifest in the root directory, in the form of pergola.yaml or pergola.json. All Pergola projects are containerized, i.e. a container image is built. For this, each component must have a Dockerfile ready, or already be accessible as a Docker image.

If you want to use ssh git-urls, contact a pergola administrator, and he will provide you with a public ssh key that you can deposit in your git repository organization.

Creating a project with an already existing, valid Pergola manifest, also the first build will be triggered.

How to create a project

Deep dive

Example for CLI

pergola create project my-new-project --git-url ssh:// --display-name hello-world
When your project is created, you can check it with
pergola list project

project created