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Let's setup & create your first Pergola Project in less than 5 minutes via CLI.

Getting Started

To create a new project you first have to setup your CLI.

What you'll need

  • Python version 3.8 or above
  • A Git repository for your project

Install the CLI

See how to install the CLI here.

Setup the pergola command line interface

Setting up the command line interface is fairly simple. Ask your Pergola administrator for the api endpoint. If you already have the url, just execute the following command

pergola login --endpoint [endpoint-url]

Pergola automatically creates a .pergola folder in your home directory that contains the config.json.

Now you can proceed with the login process, and you are ready to go.

Create your first project

To create a project, simply run

pergola create project my-new-project --git-url ssh:// --display-name hello-world
When your project is created, you can check it with
pergola list project

project created